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“De flexible routine stereomicroscopen voor uw  kwaliteitscontrole”

Stemi 305

Your Stereo Microscope with Integrated Illumination & Documentation

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Stemi 508

Your Quality Stereo Microscope for Biological and Industrial Routine

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SteREO Discovery Series

“De modulaire stereomicroscoop met zowel manuele als gemotoriseerde zoom en focus voor uw visuele inspectie en kwaliteitsonderzoek”

SteREO Discovery.V8

Brilliant Entry into the Class of Sophisticated Stereomicroscopes

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SteREO Discovery.V12

Brilliant images in 3D

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SteREO Discovery.V20

More Flexibility Between Overview and Detail Magnification

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Axio Zoom

“De materiaal zoommicroscoop voor grote objectvelden”

Axio Zoom.V16

More efficiency in materials microscopy

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